Steps for Soothing Eczema

(September 2009)

Eliminate Allergens and Irritants: Identify potential allergens and irritants such as foods, chemicals in shampoos and lotions, wool, nickel jewelry and environmental trouble makers like dust mites and pollen. (See our Naturopathic practitioner Michelle Rogers, for formal food allergy testing.)

Protect your skin:
Use a moisture-proof barrier to reduce intense dryness that causes itching and protects against viruses and bacteria. Try castor or sesame oil, Aquaphor or Eucerin right after bathing with mild soap or no soap in warm (not hot) water.

Limit topical steroids:
Only save for SEVERE flares, as they have rebound effects that can increase flares. Use soothing creams or lotions containing chaparral, calendula or chamomile. Wear cotton clothing to avoid skin irritation and overheating.

Soothe the Immune system:
Calming an overactive immune system is very important. Start with an Anti-Inflammatory diet, drinking oolong teas, start Fish oil 2 grams/day, GLA gamma linoleic acids- 1000mg daily

Explore Acupuncture/ Hypnotherapy/Reiki:
Western medicine often treats eczema using topical steroid creams or oral drugs that may sooth the symptoms but do not address the root cause of the condition. Acupuncture and other holistic and energetic approaches to treating eczema focus on alleviating the internal imbalances that can manifest as skin conditions like eczema.

For more information about how Acupuncture can treat eczema schedule an appointment with our Acupuncturist, Janice Scott Staron, L.Ac , MSOM

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- Raby Institute patient