Fall Detox with Dr. Kathy Chavez, ND and Michelle Goebel-Angel, LAc, MSOM

Pink flowers blooming in a tree, surrounded by green leaves

In fall, leaves begin to change color, and the long days just after the summer harvest slowly become shorter. Chinese medicine teaches that this is the natural time of letting go, just as the life force in nature is returning inward towards the earth.


"Transitioning from summer to fall creates one of the biggest seasonal shifts all year," says Acupuncturist Michelle Goebel-Angel, LAc, MSOM. "After summer, our bodies are in full excess of heat, solar vibration, and social activity. Detoxing helps to clear the intensity of toxins and noise as we settle into a quieter, more restorative season."


This season’s program will help participants learn to:

  • Stabilize blood sugar to rid cravings

  • Practice mindful eating
  • Use lymph drainage to boost immunity, rid stuck toxins, and clear inflammation

“We want to keep our detox fresh, and for repeat participants, this can help people understand the different ways they respond to food eliminations and lifestyle changes,” Goebel-Angel says.

How the Fall Detox Works

In humans, earth represents our center qi or stomach energy. This is why cleansing our bodies and rebooting our digestion is key during this time. Regardless of how well we eat, we all carry a heavy load of toxins. Toxins in our environment come from:

  • processed foods

  • polluted air and water

  • industrial byproducts

  • chemicals in toiletries

  • furniture

  • cleaning products

Even toxic relationships put a daily strain on our body's ability to detoxify. Over time, all of this puts strain on our livers, which can then lead to fatigue, general malaise, and the development of chronic disease.

According to Chinese medicine, fall naturally affords us the opportunity to release stored toxins from our gut and let go of negative thought patterns. We remember, inherently, that through releasing and letting go, we grow and evolve.  

During our Fall Detox, we'll work to remove dietary burdens on your liver, increase liver detoxification, support bowl excretion of toxins, and educate you along the way. We'll use aunicular ear seeds and essential oils to support your body and encourage optimal results. 

You can expect:

  • increased energy

  • possible weight loss

  • reduced susceptibility to allergens

  • improved digestion

  • reduction in chronic symptoms

  • an opportunity to identify food sensitivities

  • released attachments to toxic foods, emotions, and stressors


Industry leaders will speak at each group session on topics such as food quality, locally sourced foods, and the toxins found in everyday personal care products.


If you’re thinking about joining the Fall Detox group, Goebel-Angel encourages you to embrace the journey. “Dive into your wisdom space to know your body more deeply. You won't regret it,” she says.

The Raby Institute Detoxification Package Includes:

  • 4 - one-hour group sessions with Michelle Goebel-Angel, LAc, MSOM, and Kathy Chavez, ND

  • Auricular (ear seeds) and essential oils

  • Expert industry speakers on food quality and locally sourced foods

  • Discussion on the importance of using "clean" personal care products

  • Xymogen Detox Kit — designed to renew and enhance the body's cleansing and detoxification capabilities

  • 10% discount on any supplements or products recommended and purchased after your first group session

  • Session 1 is Wednesdays - October 18 to November 8,  from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 

  • Session 2  is Saturdays - October 21 to November 11,  from 10 to 11 a.m.


The Fall Detox Program costs $289.  Call us at (312) 276-1212 with questions or to reserve your spot.

"The physicians and practitioners at the Raby Institute really work with me to educate me on how to take charge of my wellness. I am learning to be more aware of what my body, mind and spirit need to be healthy so I can live a full life."
- Raby Institute patient