Health Tips:  The Benefits of Laughter

(July 2009)

They don't say that "laughter is the best medicine" for nothing. The simple act of laughing can provide physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that you might not even be aware of! Consider this a prescription to have yourself a chuckle, a good guffaw, a titter or two, a big belly laugh, or to laugh yourself into stitches!


  • Non-ridicule laughing will create CONNECTION within yourself and with others
  • More laughter = feeling BETTER
  • Laughter shifts your perspective so you can THINK MORE Laughter allows you to approach life challenges with a new LIGHTNESS
  • As tension and stress melt away, CREATIVITY emerges naturally
  • Helps you realize that although you can't always control what happens to you or what you need to do, you can CHANGE how you RELATE to what happens to you and what you need to do


"Dr. Raby's approach to patient care is advanced far beyond that of other physicians. She has a softened, holistic approach to healing. She is caring, takes her time with patients and incorporates the spiritual aspects, which is a very important part of healing."
- Raby Institute patient