Kit Lee, LMT, Vodder Certified Lymphatic and Decongestive Therapist

kit lee massage therapist


For Vodder Certified Lymphatic and Decongestive Therapist Kit Lee, LMT, everything is connected. A massage therapist since 1999, she strives to bring that awareness and perspective to the patients she serves, as well as to help restore balance in their lives.


To do this, Kit encourages patients to explore their own mind/body connection. She uses a combination or any one of these massage modalities, including: 


Kit works especially well with patients who are experiencing structural or postural imbalances, repetitive injuries, orthopedic or sports injuries, chronic pain, cancer (though all stages of treatment), migraines, pregnancy, and pelvic pain. She works with all patients to reduce stress, increase lymphatic flow, and enhance circulation, length, and flexibility to the soft tissue.


After graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake-the no. 1 massage school in the country at the time-Kit went on to work at a Physical Therapy office and at the Golden Door Spa in Telluride, Colorado.


She also created and served as President of Healing Hands for Hospice-a non-profit massage and pet therapy organization geared for hospice patients and their caregivers. Kit even trained her adopted dog, Buck Lee, to be a certified pet therapy dog and assist her with her hospice volunteer work.


In Chicago in 2010, Kit began volunteering with Northwestern Medicine's hospice patients. The program had two therapists on staff, but only gave hospice patients massages once a week. Kit was hired on, and her non-profit was the inspiration for a grant to expand the services. When that came through, Kit moved to Chicago full time and built the services so that hospice patients and their caregivers could opt for massages daily and receive massage services immediately.


When Northwestern sold the hospice program, Kit transitioned to working with the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine. She saw a wide variety of patients, including many of the hospital staff and medical students—work that translates well to the therapy she now provides at the Raby Institute.


In her free time, Kit loves the outdoors, the country as well as the city, dogs, and horses. She also enjoys hiking, skiing, watching films, listening to music, and giving pet massages. She's happy to have a great support system of family and friends in Chicago. And no matter what she's doing, Kit says she hopes to "inspire and be inspired."


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