Apothecary Coordinator (Part-Time)

Administrative Positions

Job Description 

This is a part-time position of 30-32 hours responsible for coordinating and managing in conjunction with the medical director, practice administrator and apothecary supervisor all aspects of the Alma retail space located at the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine. Alma is our clinical apothecary which stocks supplements, herbs, skin care, health related household and gift items. This position works closely with medical providers to provide patient communication and excellent customer service through ongoing process improvement. This position reports to the Apothecary supervisor and Practice Manager.


  1. Daily coordination of activities related to the Alma retail space 

    1. Greet patients/customers as they enter Alma and assist them with any questions, concerns, or transactions. Assist with treatment plan education after appointments or seek help from Medical Assistants and Providers as necessary
    2. Answering and follow up of phone calls and emails to address patient questions, concerns and requests
    3. Maintaining shelf and overall store appearance
  2. Daily Sales and drawer reconciliation. Point of sale application usage and related troubleshooting/ data maintenance
  3. Managing and Receiving Physical Inventory
    1. Moderate to heavy lifting (25-30lbs) and maneuvering of large boxes 
    2. Safe usage of ladders and step stool to stock inventory and maintain shelves.
    3. Safe usage of hand truck while receiving orders and rotating inventory
    4. Safe bending and lifting techniques while rotating inventory
  4. Assist with various E-commerce processes including order fulfilment, troubleshooting customer issues, and adding/editing product info.
  5. Daily usage of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application (ECW) to reference patient recommendations, assist with patient communication between patients and clinicians, and participate in team wide communications in the office.

This position will also be trained on some aspects of the medical front office as it relates to assisting patients in the apothecary. Customer service is a top priority for the Raby Institute. It is important that the apothecary coordinator be able to help patients in Alma in ways that compliment and overlap with recommendations and directives given by providers.



  • Experience working in a retail setting, ideally with supplements and healthy living items. 
  • Ability to lift packages up to 25-30 lbs with proper safe lifting techniques.
  • Ability to properly and safely use step stool and ladders.
  • Ability to safely operate hand truck and maneuver large boxes.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and walk back and forth between work spaces throughout the day as necessary.
  • Ability to safely squat and kneel as needed to rotate and stock inventory.
  • Strong customer service, communication, time management and problem-solving skills
  • Strong Organization, attention to detail and an affinity for learning
  • Computer literate
  • Preferred medical office experience

The ideal candidate for this position has a strong attention to detail and a passion for learning, especially in areas of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Strong candidates thrive in a fast paced environment and are comfortable multi-tasking, prioritizing and problem solving. This position requires strong time management skills, strategic thinking and the ability to work independently throughout the day to complete projects.  Experience working in retail and medical office settings is preferred.  Must be excited to work in a unique retail setting that strives to enhance our patients’ healthcare experience by providing excellent customer service. 

30-32 hours, weekends and evening hours required.

Please submit CVs for the Apothecary Coordinator (Part-Time) position to JRuhl@rabyinstitute.com.

About the Raby Institute

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