Integrative Massage Therapist

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Job Description

The Licensed Integrative Massage Therapist works independently and in conjunction with the medical doctors and other providers at the Raby Institute to implement a comprehensive plan of care for patients.  Treatment modalities can vary by patient but include therapeutic massage of soft tissues and joints to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, ongoing physical ailments and/or wellness maintenance.

The ideal candidate will be proficient in several massage therapy modalities such as lymphatic and decongestive therapies, neuromuscular, deep tissue, muscle activation, myofascial, trigger point, manual lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, energy work, etc.  Provide on-going evaluation of the patient in conjunction with the other health care providers involved in patients care to reassess treatment needs.  Notation and use of an electronic medical record (EMR) and adhering to all office protocols, HIPAA guidelines and any related state and federal guidelines.

This position will focus heavily on Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Lymphatic Drainage with patients.

Specific functions of this position include:

  • Administer therapy treatments to patients using hands or physical treatment aids.
  • Ongoing communication with referring doctors or other provides involved in patient care.
  • Vary treatment by individual patient needs/condition, leveraging specific treatment modalities.
  • Take detailed histories from clients, including information about any injuries or conditions and complete a comprehensive patient note with each visit using EMR.
  • Using EMR, selecting the appropriate billing codes to facilitate billing to insurance companies as appropriate.
  • Design sessions around clients’ specific complaints or problem areas.
  • Listen to clients during massages and adjust technique to meet patient needs.
  • Using the intake process, gather information to develop a treatment plan communication to patient what to expect during the session.
  • Debrief with the client and make recommendations for patients plan of care.
  • Strong level of Teamwork with staff and other providers to give the highest level of customer service.
  •  Maintain licensure, CEU requirements and current professional liability insurance
  • Comply with all HIPAA rules and regulations & applicable state privacy & security laws 
  • Ongoing research and training into additional therapeutic modalities to benefit patient care.


  • Current licensure as a massage therapist in the state of Illinois
  • Additional training/experience preferred


  • 5+ years’ experience as a professional massage therapist
  • Experience and expertise with several therapy modalities
  • Experience working in a medical setting preferred
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills

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About the Raby Institute

The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern is the premier center for integrative healing in the heart of Chicago. We provide our patients with the highest quality integrative health services and believe that with guidance and the right environment, patients will realize their innate abilities of self-healing and their potential to live fully engaged lives.

The Raby Institute offers primary and consultative care by highly trained specialists in Integrative Internal Medicine and Family Practice, Integrative Pediatrics and Integrative Gynecology, as well as direct or collaborative care by other medical practitioners trained and certified in the disciplines of Naturopathic Medicine, Naprapathic Treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Integrative Clinical Psychology, and Functional Medicine.