Integrative COVID-19 Care Series


Presented by Dr. Theri Griego-Raby & Michelle Goebel-Angel, L.Ac

-Dec 9th
This class will include vital and helpful information to share, including the most updated information about the Coronavirus and what you can do to take care of yourselves and your family. Topics covered include what symptoms to be aware of, how the virus affects the body, and Integratively, what you can do to help boost you and your family’s immunity.

-Dec 11th
This class will focus on the practical aspects of self care during these unprecedented times. Build your knowledge and home apothecary with some of our favorite self-care practices and products. This session will dive into the specifics around lymphatic care, including dry brushing; acupressure points; gua sha; jade rolling; wet sock therapy and essential oil usage. Visit Shop Raby to purchase these tools and essential oils so you can practice along with us as we demonstrate the uses of:

  • Dry brushing
  • Gua sha tool
  • Jade rollers
  • Essential oil diffusers (currently 25% off)
  • Wet sock kit
  • Essential oils (For upper body care, including respiratory and headaches: VirAway, Thieves, Eucalyptus (blue gum or radiata), Peppermint, and Bergamot. For calming stress/anxiety and softening the heart: Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, and Frankincense. For anchoring/rooting the spirit and clearing fear: Black spruce, Cypress, Scotch Pine, cedarwood,  and Sandalwood.

Whether you fear it, have it, or have recovered from this virus, you won’t want to miss this course! We’ve packed this discussion with information on current virus trends, diet and lifestyle practices, acute symptom relief, acupressure points, essential oils and so much more. 

Our aim is not only to build your immunity but also to build your confidence in healing yourself and those you love!

Insurance accepted for all Raby Institute patients -all applicable co-pays and deductibles apply. This course is $100 for those not using insurance.


Session Length: 2.5 hours total Dates: December 9th and 11th Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Format: Online

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