Allison Yura, LCSW

Integrative Psychotherapist

Integrative Psychotherapist Allison Yura, LCSW, says that in working with patients, she thinks of herself as a supportive ally, encouraging them through their healing process.

“The majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the patients, but I try to help them feel like they’re living their best life,” she says. “I believe we all have times in our lives when we feel vulnerable.” For people working through those times, Allison hopes to not only offer support, but make that support as accessible as she can.

Earlier in her career, while studying social work at the University of Chicago, Allison was especially interested in impacting healthcare research and policy. However, her passion shifted. “I realized that I really enjoyed getting to know the people I was working with, hearing their stories,” she says.

Allison joined the Raby Institute to focus on a collaborative care model and work with others who believe that physical wellbeing relates to emotional and mental wellbeing-a belief she puts into practice in her own life. Allison pays close attention to her physical and emotional wellbeing. She thinks about what she can do behaviorally-such as deep breathing, meditation, and exercises-to balance whatever she is feeling physically.

“Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing directly impact one other, and the Raby Institute is at the front of the line with this type of thinking,” Allison says.

When not at the Raby Institute, Allison loves to travel and explore, including neighborhoods and restaurants within Chicago. She tries to stay active, too, and takes long walks with her dog.

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Allison Yura