Melissa (Missy) Frazelle, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Melissa Frazelle found her way to integrative medicine as an undergraduate nursing student at the University of Arizona—home of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine. She saw the integrative medicine guru speak at a lecture, but her own experience with yoga ultimately prompted her to explore other forms of healing.

While in school, Melissa had started practicing yoga to help ease anxious tendencies. When she evolved that interest into an intensive yoga teacher training, she says it dovetailed into “healthy eating and the whole world of holistic healing.”

She initially began her career in oncology as a nurse in her early 20s, incorporating an integrative approach with her patients with metastatic cancer. “I was interested in survivorship, what truly makes people resilient, and what helps them heal. I felt like I was missing a piece and wanted to better understand cancer treatment and healing modalities.” she says.

That experience inspired Melissa to continue her education. She attended graduate school at Loyola University in Chicago, where she got her Nurse Practitioner degree in Family Practice. 

Before joining the Raby Institute, she worked with patients with cancer in acute care settings at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago and MD Anderson in Texas. But after seeing so much suffering, she wanted to get back to preventative health and cancer prevention.

“ I learned a lot from my time working with patients with cancer, but I knew there was more to healing than just allopathic medicine. That’s why I came here—to learn more, to spread that knowledge to patients, and help prevent disease from the inside out,” she says.

Her areas of interest are: Cancer, Mental health, Fertility, Hypothyroidism, High Cholesterol, Women’s health, and Preventative health. 

When not at the Raby Institute, Melissa likes to travel, take her dog out, cook, hike, and of course: practice yoga.

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Melissa (Missy) Frazelle