Brenda Childress

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant since 2009, Brenda recently joined the Raby Institute from an internal and family medicine private practice. She says she felt from the moment she walked in the door that there was something special about the Raby Institute.

“The atmosphere is so calming. It’s very different from anywhere I’ve worked before,” she says.

At age 44, Brenda decided to go back to school to become a medical assistant. She had worked for nearly 30 years in the restaurant business, but all at once lost three people close to her: her mother, who passed away from lung cancer; a manager, who also died of cancer; and a former boss, who passed away from Alzheimer’s.

“I had this epiphany telling me to get back to school. It was hard for me at first because I hadn’t been to school in 20 years,” Brenda says.

However, she stuck with it, and over time looked forward to going to class and earning her certification. That enthusiasm has stuck with her. “I still get excited to take care of patients. I love the field and love people,” she says.

In addition to caring for and educating patients at the Raby Institute, Brenda has experienced positive changes in her own health. Working here, she says, inspired her to start eating healthier, and within a month she lost 6 lbs.

“I’m in awe,” she says. “I love the people who I work with, the atmosphere. I’m excited every time I come to work.”

When not at work, Brenda spends time with her husband and their German shepherd. She also sings with a band, Timeless. She has performed in music clubs for 25 years, playing at Navy Pier, the Taste of Chicago, and more.  

Brenda Childress