Jessi Shapiro

Senior Apothecary Coordinator, Nutraceutical Research and Education Specialist

Jessi was born in a rural Pennsylvania town and lived on a 300-acre working farm and apple orchard. She grew up learning about herbal and functional medicine from her father and mother who are both practicing artists and have a large organic garden and herbal greenhouse. 

As a child, Jessi was taught to put comfrey on sprains, aloe on sunburns, and to gargle with capsicum and garlic when she had a sore throat. Although some of the remedies were not that palatable to her as a child, she has learned to incorporate this holistic background into her urban lifestyle.

Jessi received her BA from Bard College and her MFA in Painting and Art Theory at the University of Chicago. She continues cultivating her studio practice and has shown work at multiple venues throughout the city. 

Jessi has been a part of the Raby Institute Team since 2011, using her creative talents and wealth of knowledge to grow and innovate the Alma Apothecary. She works to research and procure the highest quality supplements and wellness supplies available.  

Jessi lives with her husband James, her daughters, Hilde and Elsie, and their dog, Agnes in the Ukrainian Village. They continued the family tradition of organic gardening by transforming their backyard into an oasis to grow food and medicine. The Shapiro Braddy Family garden was a recipient of a Chicago Excellence in Gardening Award in 2019.

Jessi Shapiro