Mary Jo "MJ" Mauger

Patient Care Coordinator

Mary Jo (MJ) learned early in her career that if she found something she valued, she would have to work at it; truly meaningful success was never going to be an easy process.

That held true when she started out as a respiratory therapist at a small, community hospital in Indiana, as well as later when she transitioned to the management side of patient care. Before joining the Raby Institute, MJ worked as an award-winning supervisor at the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation for 12 years.

Now, she greets patients at the front desk, answers their questions, and helps guide them through the care process. And she continues to use many of the skills that made her a great caregiver-listening, being supportive, and making people laugh. As often as MJ touches patients’ lives, they touch hers.

In this new phase of her life, MJ continues to learn, too. She sees daily the impact that the Raby Institute has on patients’ quality of life. And their transformations through treatment have motivated her to embrace integrative medicine and incorporate it into her own life-spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Mary Jo