Acupuncturist Michelle Goebel-Angel Endorses Acupuncture in Prevention Magazine


We've known this for a long time: Acupuncture can ease pain. But a recent, debated study in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims otherwise.

In the study, researchers assigned participants to either needle or laser acupuncture treatments. And participants reported modest pain improvements three months later. But when the treatments ended after nine months, participants reported that they again had knee pain.

The researchers' conclusion: Acupuncture doesn't relieve chronic knee pain.

That conclusion, however, doesn't make sense, Prevention Magazine reports. Consider this: Ibuprofen works for pain, but if you stop taking it, pain comes back, right? Yet, that doesn't mean ibuprofen doesn't relieve pain.


The magazine called on Raby Institute Acupuncturist Michelle Goebel-Angel to explain what acupuncture can do for pain.

"Acupuncture can be used as pain management, but it doesn't necessarily heal the pain permanently," Goebel-Angel said in the interview.


"When patients feel the relief, they believe it. And that opens a new level of healing-the spiritual aspect of healing."

Numerous studies support acupuncture for chronic pain relief, according to the National Institutes of Health. The organization recognizes the practice for easing pain from:


• Lower back

• Neck

• Osteoarthritis

• Tension headaches

• Migraines


Although patients tend to seek acupuncture to relieve primary symptoms, Goebel-Angel asks a series of questions in the initial treatment to connect each patient's medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional state. This approach results in a diagnosis and treatment plan focused on resolving the root cause and current manifestations of disharmony in the patient's body-not just treating symptoms, such as pain.


Because acupuncture works through a series of pathways that influence various functions throughout the body, patients may experience many changes as a result of continued, focused therapy. Changes include improved sleep, less pain, decreased stress, balanced moods, improved digestion, normalization of menstrual cycles and circulation, and more.


Have you experienced the power of acupuncture? If you've tried it, how has the practice helped you?


And if you haven't tried acupuncture, learn more about acupuncture at the Raby Institute.


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