Alejandro Cruz


Medical Assistant Supervisor & Laser Treatment Assistant

Alex was born and raised in Chicago's old Irving park area. His mother stayed home to take care of him and his two older brothers. She didn't believe in going to the doctor for every little ailment and would instead treat him and his brothers with home remedies, serving as their 24 hour doctor. Alex believes that her positive energy and confidence in her home remedies is what helped cure him most of the time.


The Raby Institute's belief in promoting integrative treatments sits well with Alex because it is compatible with the healing tradition he grew up with. As a medical assistant at the Raby Institute Alex wishes to give every patient the same comfortable, positive energy that he has experienced.


Alex went to Olympia College where he studied to become a medical assistant. After he graduated, Alex found a position at Erie Family Health Center as a medical assistant in pediatrics. Alex's experiences at Erie has taught him to be compassionate, patient, understanding, to listen, and make the patient feel safe and comfortable in a clinical environment. He looks forward to bringing his skills to the Raby Institute.

He, who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
- Arabian Proverb