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(July 2009)




Why is Vitamin D so important?




Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately. From lowering blood pressure, sensitizing insulin receptors to insulin, combating fatigue, improving bone health, alleviating seasonal affective disorder, and addressing infertility to the prevention of cancer occurrence / recurrence, periodontal disease, and decreasing epileptic seizures and the potential to develop autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, vitamin D plays many roles within our bodies.


While there are many food sources that are fortified with vitamin D, one of the best sources of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight. With such an abundant, easily attainable source of vitamin D available, why is that so many people are still not getting enough of this important vitamin? Well, one reason is that while it is necessary to wear sun block to protect our skin from harmful UV radiation, sun block also prevents our skin from absorbing as much vitamin D as we could otherwise. Darker skin pigments can also decrease the amount of vitamin D that one can absorb.


A simple blood test can assess your current vitamin D status to ensure that your vitamin D levels are adequate. The test is called a '25-hydroxy vitamin D'. Many patients who are initially tested at the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine have vitamin D levels that range from 15-25. Ideal levels are approximately 60-80. Those who are deficient in vitamin D can easily and safely increase their vitamin D levels by supplementation.


Please contact the Raby Institute for additional information on vitamin D deficiency and how it may be affecting your current state of wellness.


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