Ask the Provider: Why do I need an annual physical?

(September 2009)


Why do I need an annual physical?



Many people think that once you have graduated from seeing your pediatrician you are free of seeing an Internist for an annual exam unless you become ill or until you turn 50. Well, as those of you who have been with me for awhile know, I encourage all my patients - from 18 years old to 90+ years old - to see me annually.

As an Integrative Internal Medicine Physician, I take a comprehensive, holistic approach to your health no matter what age.  We are not static beings; our bodies are constantly changing in response to our environment, our experiences and the advancing of age.  It is important to be aware of these changes and monitor them so we can help you make the necessary adjustments to your behaviors and lifestyle choices in order to safe guard your health.  I recommend that all aspects of your health should be addressed annually including physical, physiological, biochemical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional and energetic.  Your annual exam is more than checking your labs and getting a physical - it is also a time to assess how you have improved your health or where you have come unbalanced in the last year.  With this information we can help you devise strategies to take your success to the next level or get you back on the right track. 

As summer fades quickly into fall and you prepare your body and mind for the coming winter, it is the perfect time to reassess your complete health and gain some helpful tips to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, colds and the flu, as well as put in place simple, effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long. 

If you are remiss in scheduling your annual exam please call Ana or Chelsey at 312-276-1212 today to start the fall season with a clean bill of health!  Or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment.

"Caring for mind, body and spirit – for our health - is a path for life."
- Anonymous