Every January, many of us use the start of a new year to look back on the year past and set goals for the one ahead. We create these resolutions with the best intentions, but regardless of just how well we follow through on them over the coming months, resolutions serve as a good exercise in mindfulness. They force us to pay attention to where we are at the present and envision where we’d like to be in the future.

With that in mind, some of our providers and staff at the Raby Institute are sharing their healthy New Year's resolutions for the months ahead. From physical well-being to mental awareness and all aspects of whole-health in between, here are just a few of our many hopes for 2018:


Integrative Nurse Practitioner Melissa (Missy) Frazelle

I want to focus on boosting my metabolism through diet and exercise. My fiancé and I are getting married in the fall, and I want to look and feel my best. I also want to transition away from all of my beauty and cleaning products that are made with toxins, so I can feel cleaner and healthier.






Medical Assistant Supervisor and Laser Treatment Assistant Alejandro Cruz

My goal is to keep working out. It helps me stay healthy and makes me feel better about eating that pizza.




Acupuncturist Michelle Goebel-Angel

I’m working on paying attention to my inner self-talk. I want to understand my blocks in order to break old cycles—those thoughts that get in the way of me moving through a workout, moving forward with sexual trauma healing, or even keeping compliant with my supplements. There are definitely some mental patterns that I can clean up a bit and keep positive, especially around fear and doubt.



Patient Care Coordinator Tracey Burns

I’m going to start the year with a detox in January and after that, commit to eating a healthier diet. I’ve done our detox before, and it made me feel great! With all the eating and celebrating during the holidays, I want to recommit to feeling my best.




Apothecary Coordinator Jessi Shapiro

I need to cut out all sugar. I’ve become a sugar addict. I also need to cut out all glitter. It’s killing the marine wildlife—and the cleanliness of my house.





Apothecary Coordinator Samantha Garcia


I found my resolution in a quote on a tea bag: “Let your energy be used to build, not destroy.”




Billing Manager Melissa Fredericks

I want to do more giving back and volunteering, possibly with organizations that serve dogs. Since getting my own dog, I’ve had a greater love for them and want to stand up for them because they can’t speak for themselves.





Patient Care Coordinator MJ Mauger

My plan is to be more active because honestly, I’ve slacked off. I’m excited about going to a new gym with personal training. I need to get back to that because that’s when I felt my best.

"I trust Dr. Raby with my health. I go to the Raby Institute because I know that I will be listened to and treated like a human being. But most importantly, I trust that I will get help and support I need to improve my health and feel better."
- Raby Institute patient