Beyond Acupuncture: Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Tui Na

(September 2009)

Do you suffer from chronic pain, sports injuries, asthma or seasonal allergies, Buddhatitudeor gastrointestinal or reproductive disorders and are looking for holistic, non-invasive treatments to alleviate discomfort? Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of Chinese medicine but can't bear the thought of tiny needles piercing your skin?

Chinese body work, or Tui Na, can give you similar benefits, without the needles!!

Most people hear the phrase Traditional Chinese Medicine and they immediately think of Acupuncture needles or exotic herbal concoctions with mysterious, evocative names like Relaxed Wanderer or Calm Dragon Formula. Although acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy and diet are essential pillars of the Chinese medical system, Tui Na is also an integral component. Like acupuncture, it seeks to enhance and balance the flow of your vital force (Chi) along invisible channels called meridians. This technique does not use needles but rather incorporates a variety of hands-on techniques including massage, acupressure and joint manipulation. The practitioner uses hands and elbows to press, tap, knead, rub, vibrate, grasp, push, pull or pinch various parts of your body. During a Tui Na session, a practitioner may also apply herbal poultices, compresses and liniments to enhance the hands-on healing methods.

The practice of applying Tui Na massage techniques to sports injuries has been extremely successful. People who participate in activities that put a lot of impact or stress on bones, joints and ligaments, such as running, have benefited from Tui Na massage as a way to manage pain, reduce swelling and promote recovery from injury. Those of you who are preparing for the Chicago Marathon in October will truly benefit before, during and after the race from Tui Na body work!

Janice Scott Staron, L.Ac, MSOM, our Raby Institute acupuncturist, can provide Tui Na treatments, in addition to Acupuncture and herbal therapy. She also is a Reiki Level 2 therapist and usually includes this technique in her treatment regime. To schedule an appointment, call 312-276-1212 or email us at

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