Blessing the Space-Conjuring Energies to Promote Healing

Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABIHM


New beginnings-a time of excitement and energy, but also a time for quiet reflection as we close one chapter and open another.


When the Raby Institute moved this past July, we held two ceremonies: one to cleanse and mark our exit from our former space on the 4th floor, and one to bless our new space on the 21st floor. We not only wanted to honor these spaces, but also to bring forth the energies that support our healing work.


In the weeks leading up to our move, we were busy emptying cabinets, packing boxes, and organizing paperwork. But it was equally important that we cleanse our space, keeping in mind that we are the space, and Suite 450 was merely our container. Managing our energies through the transition was as important as moving our equipment and supplies.


We began by pulling pale blue (pure peace), pale pink (pure love), and pale green (pure balance), into our healing environment. Each of us took time to imagine the colors coming in through the ceiling and walls, permeating every aspect of our container. Clarity was key during these visualizations. Next, we moved toward a final closing ceremony, removing our sacred stones and objects from each room. As part of the ceremony, we wrapped the stones in a birthing blanket, and took them to the river. There, we tossed them in and sprinkled pink rose petals, symbolizing closure for the energies of Suite 450.


The blessing ceremony for our new space took place in August. Each member of our Raby Institute family played a part in the blessing, through readings and healing practices. We went from room to room. In my office, I shared the story of why I chose to place my desk where I did-with my back facing south, toward my original home in New Mexico, my essence. And when I look to the right, east, I see the lake-a perfect melding of my past and present. That had always been my dream. A tea ceremony brought the blessing to a close, and enabled us to nourish ourselves as we go forth on our collaborative journey.


That nourishment is important because at the Raby Institute, we work with our patients to treat many serious and chronic conditions. It takes endurance, strength, and deliberation on our part and yours. And just as we encourage you to care for and put yourself first through your healing process, we needed this time to do the same for ourselves as healers. Our ceremonies provided an opportunity to evoke, stir, call down, and put forth energies to create harmony and balance in this new sacred space. Our ultimate goal: to create a healing environmentwhere health of mind, body, and spirit comes first.


I'm immensely grateful and humbled to share this beautiful space with you.


Here's to your health!


Theri Griego Raby

"The physicians and practitioners at the Raby Institute really work with me to educate me on how to take charge of my wellness. I am learning to be more aware of what my body, mind and spirit need to be healthy so I can live a full life."
- Raby Institute patient