JOB TITLE: Call Center Representative
REPORTS TO: Practice Administrator and Office Supervisor

This position answers customer calls/web/email inquiries while maintaining the highest quality of customer service. This includes facilitating the scheduling/rescheduling of appointments, working with provider schedules to maximize scheduling, and providing feedback to the practice manager or office supervisor on items related to the call center's day–to-day operations, policies and procedures. Day-to-day responsibilities require good use of judgment regarding timely and appropriate communication with the Institute and hospital staff. Applicant must recognize the need for teamwork and function as part of a multi-disciplinary team. This position also includes other duties as assigned.

A. Daily activities within the call center
  1. Responds to telephone, email and web inquiries for appointment requests, rescheduling, and answering of general questions related to the practice
  2. Maintains knowledge base of practice services and clinical treatment available in order to overview and discuss services with interested callers
  3. Documents and forwards customer complaints/comments to the appropriate individuals
  4. Collects and accepts payment for patient visits, event registration, or payment of balance due
  5. Assists in clerical duties as needed
  6. Extensive use of EMR
  7. Downloads and tracks specialty lab testing for various providers
  8. Maintains a positive upbeat attitude/demeanor when working with patients and other employees
  9. On-time attendance to all practice related meetings, including weekly office meetings
  10. Participates in staff training and skill developments
B. Patient communication and follow-up
  1. Troubleshoots patient concerns/issues through strong communication with providers, other office personnel, and patients
  2. Provides patients with the outstanding customer service by answering questions/concerns and following-up accordingly
C. Cross-departmental process integration
  1. Participates with medical practice events and ongoing community education classes
  2. Works with providers and other employees to help resolve patient issues as necessary
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