Care On Demand

Sejal Gehani, MSN, FNP



Feel a cold coming on? Hurt your ankle running along the lakefront? You don't have to go to a community clinic, Emergency Room, or "minute clinic" for care. The Raby Institute offers acute care, with Nurse Practitioner Sejal Gehani, MSN, FNP, here to treat patients.

"It's wonderful that we've made acute care available to patients. There's so much flexibility in the schedule, which means they can get in the same day, and they're coming to the place which is also home to their primary care doctor," Gehani said.

Gehani sees same-day patients for a multitude of reasons. Some of the more common cases include:
• Colds
• Seasonal allergies
• Skin conditions
• Gynecological issues
• Musculoskeletal issues


In addition, the Raby Institute uses an after hours answering service which allows them to be accessible 24/7 to respond to patients medical needs.

Next time you need acute care, keep the Raby Institute in mind. Call (312) 276.1212 to schedule a same-day appointment.


"Dr. Raby is bright, intelligent and knows how to communicate with people. She helps you to help yourself. She sees things differently than other physicians, in a way that helps the healing process."
- Raby Institute patient