Current Patients


Our Commitment to our Patients

Maintaining strong, empowering relationships with our patients is a high priority of the Raby Institute. We believe in keeping the lines of communication between patient and physician wide open and remaining as accessible as possible to those who rely on us to provide guidance and support on their health concerns. To fulfill this commitment, the Raby Institute will be implementing eClinicalWorks web-based Patient Portal, a leading edge technology that allows patients and doctors to communicate easily, safely and securely through the internet.


Unparalleled Accessibility

Current patients will be given a secure password that will allow them to log into their physician's systems and access their own private documents and medical records directly. Through Patient Portal, patients will be able to view prescription information and request refills; view lab results, diagnostic results and appointment information; pay bills and balances, and receive messages from their healthcare provider... all in the comfort and privacy of their home or office. 


Difference Between an Annual Exam and an Office Visit


Preventative care (or well services) and promotion of healthy lifestyles are central to the Raby Institute's philosophy of care. Most insurance plans, but not all, cover routine preventative exams at 100 percent when received from in-network providers.


There can be confusion around what is included in an annual exam, how an annual exam is billed, and when to expect an additional charge for an annual exam.


The following information was developed to aid in your understanding of the definitions and billing guidelines for annual exams and office visits. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of an insured individual to know their insurance coverage details. If you have questions, please call your health insurance provider to confirm coverage within your specific plan.


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"Dr. Raby is warm, genuine, extremely personable and listens well."
- Raby Institute patient