Fulfilling the Promise of Humanity

Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABIHM


This past August, I was humbly honored to be nominated and awarded the 2013 Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland Award for Health. I was one of 12 awarded the "Wheel of Co-Creation Inaugural 2013 Award." Other categories included: Arts, Education, Environment, Media Relations, Spirituality, Infrastructure, Governance, Economics, Science and Justice.


An inspiring, profound woman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, made the evening possible. She has been challenging communities around the world to fulfill the promise of humanity over the past 50 years. Ms. Marx Hubbard states, "Joining together, we can ‘gentle the birth' of a Universal Humanity and guide our earth community into its next evolutionary stage."


That evening convinced and comforted me that a quiet, powerful community is proliferating worldwide. This world holds promise for a consciousness that will support an era of peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity.


Those virtues are essential to us at the Raby Institute, and reflect our own founding principles: Empowerment, Transparency, Vitality, Accountability, and Mutuality. For us, Integrative Medicine combines the most recent scientific breakthroughs with time-tested and thoughtful health techniques that have withstood centuries. This combination enables patients to receive comprehensive care for the whole person-mind, body, and spirit, reinforcing the phrase often attributed to Greek philosopher Aristotle: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


The Conscious Evolutionaries acknowledgment has greatly motivated us at the Raby Institute. We are proud to be formally associated with this collective, and will strive to fulfill our joint missions with community events, research, and each patient encounter. That's why we come back day in and day out. We're so glad you're part of the journey with us.


Here's to your health,







Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABIHM

"Dr. Raby is bright, intelligent and knows how to communicate with people. She helps you to help yourself. She sees things differently than other physicians, in a way that helps the healing process."
- Raby Institute patient