HCG Longevity Diet

Patient Testimonials



I was 45 lbs overweight after the birth of my second child five years ago. I had tried many ways to take off weight, but it seemed to take a super-human effort to lose even a few pounds.  It was very discouraging and I felt resigned to being fat for the rest of my life.  Then my girlfriend started the HCG diet and lost 25 lbs on her first round. That got my attention.  With the doctor's knowledge and the accountability of the support group I was able to lose 30 lbs. I'll be honest, the diet is strict and it gets dull. It takes a lot of intent to follow the regimen perfectly, but when you do, you are rewarded by daily weight loss. The gratification of such effective progress was a huge motivation for me to keep going. The diet is clean and healthy and I have had a lot more energy and stamina following it. The HCG burns fat in all the right places, and I rarely felt hungry. If weight loss is something you want to "get over with" so you can start the rest of your life in a new body with a healthier relationship with food, I highly recommend it.



This diet has truly saved my life.  I have lost 140 lbs in 9 1/2 months and people who haven't seen me in a while don't even recognize me.  I don't crave the foods I once did and I definitely can't eat the same portions I once did.  Even if I try to, my body revolts and I get a stomach ache.  I am so much more in tune with my body now, it tells me when I've eaten something that's not good for me; it craves movement and tells me to exercise more; and it thanks me for losing so much weight.  I now take the Japanese approach to food.  I no longer exercise so that I can eat; instead I eat so that I can exercise.  I have taken my life back.  The worst part of the diet isn't the restrictive food; it's the fact that I've had to purchase so many new clothes.  So I hope you like to shop!




My experience embarking on the HCG diet has been nothing short of life changing. Initially scared and skeptical and I started this “diet” expecting the same results as my previous attempts at weight loss. However, as I sit here over 60 pounds lighter, crossing my legs for the first time since high school, and exuding a newfound confidence in myself, I realize that this “diet” has impacted my life for the better. Furthermore, I realized that, truly, this was not a diet, but a life changing experience that has helped me become healthier as well as discover more about myself as a person. Not only am I skinnier, my blood tests are coming back with much better levels! For instance, in six weeks, my cholesterol levels significantly dropped! For the first time in my life, I feel successful. Additionally, Community (a group intended for HCG dieters for guidance and support) has been beyond helpful. We are all REAL people with different backgrounds, schedules, and medical issues all attempting the same thing. The support within the room is encouraging and informational. I never feel alone because I have the support of my doctor who ensures I am healthy and safe throughout the whole process. There is no way I could do this process on my own. I am eagerly anticipating my third round (and potentially fourth)! Thank you to everyone at the Raby Institute for giving me back self-confidence and my health. 



I am a true believer in the HCG Diet.  I was lucky enough to get into a program that follows you through the diet, every step of the way.  I lost 48 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes.  My life has changed only for the better - I have energy, my self esteem has soared, along with my productivity.  I learned the value of eating properly (watching carb and sugar intake), as well as just following the protocol as a life long journey...Protein, veggies, healthy fats and limited fruit will sustain anyone, as well as keep the weight in a healthy range.

"Community" meetings were incorporated so that all of us who were on the diet could share their tips, their struggles and their victories.  That was very empowering - we were not walking alone and we saw results right in front of our own eyes.  The presenting doctor was always present to go over medical findings to show us that this was the way to go.  There was no sugar coating this diet, we knew it sounded difficult, but once you start the diet and see results, you'll be amazed how motivating that is!

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Margiotta for her firmness and her belief in her patients and the HCG Diet.



I started the HCG program after coming home from vacation and a hard year of ups and downs. I was at my highest weight ever – 220 pounds and in a size 16. I have always been a 5'6 curvy girl with most of my weight in my butt and thighs. But now my weight was spreading to the stomach and face,  and I always felt bloated.  I'm not a junk food eater or lazy, but I'm definitely a  “foodie” and love my wine, but I was out of control. I was ready for a change. I'm not going to lie, it’s fun to start a diet with eating like crap for 2 days....until you feel like crap! I actually was ready to eat good. Day 3 was the hardest....5000 to 500! but day 4 and after my life changed.  Within the first week I started feeling less bloated, was sleeping better and had lots more energy.  By day 10,  I had lost 10 pounds! There was no going back...sure, there are ups and downs, but as long as you keep positive and supportive people with you along the way you'll be fine. It true, you're not as social and the foodie and wino you used to be, but that's probably a good thing.  I did 2 rounds of the diet and lost 45 pounds – going from a size 16 to a 12.  I took 6 weeks off and then did one more round and lost 15 more and went from a 12 to a size 8. I haven't been a size 8 since Junior High!  I have been off of the program for 2 months and my weight fluctuated 2-5 pounds, depending on what I eat. So when I do gain some weight, I use the tools I was taught and my weight goes back to within 1-2 pounds of my final weight. This diet has definitely changed the way I see and eat food.   I love when friends and family say...." wow you look skinner than last time".  This program has changed my life and I love spreading the word!



I have been on the diet for 56 days and have lost 27 pounds and have dropped 2 sizes.  I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life.  As a wise professor once told me,” Life gets in the way at times and we all have personal issues / stressors that affect us.”   I turned to food as my “Happy Place” when the going got tough.  In my childhood, we went out to eat only on special or happy occasions.  We never went to a fast food until my teenage years and then very rarely.  Mom made everything from scratch.  So I always associated food with good times.  I have now learned that I was eating just to eat.   I was not hungry, just trying to soothe my emotions.  I can now look at a bag of potato chips and know that they would taste so good, yet I can walk away from them!  I could never do that before.  I can check out at the stores and not purchase a candy bar.  I can walk away.  My husband is not on the diet but we are eating healthier and he has lost 14 lbs.  

I was very hesitant about the diet as I thought it was a fad diet.  I did my research and found out it has been around for a very long time.  The Raby Institute has saved my life.  I have not taken my asthma meds in over 4 weeks.  My husband is thrilled as my snoring is minimal.  What I am most impressed with is the time that Dr. Raby spent with me in the consultation.  She listened to my concerns, answered my questions and took the time with me.  I can’t say enough good things about the weekly support meetings.  I was not thrilled thinking that I had to attend but now I can’t wait for another meeting.   The providers have given us so much support and they “get it.”  They know how we are struggling and have helped me through something I thought would never happen.  Getting healthy!  I can’t thank them enough.   They are amazing. 



Greetings my name is Elisa.  I am 50 years young this year and I look & feel great! This is the healthiest I have been in years! I am eating to live not living to eat! My priorities are in order… Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.  I am a Physician and have struggled with my weight since my mid 30's! Lifetime Jenny Craig member, Weight Watchers pro, been to at least 6 nutritionists, numerous weight loss programs and yes I lose the weight but it all comes back: Stress, western diet eating habits, cravings, and lifestyle! Since completing my 6 week HCG Program I feel empowered -- I  have finally overcome a major issue -- my relationship with food!  I have gone from 187.5 to 162.6 and feel confident and have peace knowing that I can eat healthy for the rest of my life.  The weekly support & education I received about foods, eating habits , how my body responds to stress,  perimenopause, anti-aging has been priceless!!  I was not a believer at first!   Dr Raby asked me start the program over a year ago, but I finally said  “yes” after her Assistant Charlene encouraged me to take the challenge! The team supported & continues to support me in my journey! I am truly Blessed! Thanks to the Raby Team, I am "Fab at 50".  My friends tell me I look younger & at peace & my skin is beautiful !



Admittedly I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the Longevity diet.  Two good friends knowing of my struggle with the weight I’d gained coping with the stresses of life, business and aging told me about the HCG diet.  Until that time nothing had worked and I literally felt bad emotionally and physically. I’d tried several prepared meal programs, Weight Watchers, diet pills and worked with a personal trainer.  Nothing worked to the degree I’d desired and the effort I exerted for what little success I achieved, was discouraging.

Today, I’m 30 pounds lighter, have a renewed confidence, no aches and pains, and I’m a lot smarter about my body and the nourishment it requires.  After a couple of weeks on the diet I began to feel better.  I quickly realized that all the sugar, dairy, and processed foods that I was in the habit of eating were a large contributor to my sluggishness, joint pains and weight gain – in fact, they were working against my well-being. 

I contribute my success to the structure of the program at the Raby Center.  My doctor was always just a phone call away if I had questions, and the group sessions were amazing in content and motivating because they allowed me to hear the challenges and victories of others on the diet. 

The diet not only changed my life, but it helped me become a better me. Today, my husband is on the program under Dr. Lik’s watchful eye, and together we are grateful for the life change we’ve experienced.



Guess what! I’m on a plane as I write this and not only did I NOT need the seatbelt extension, I was able to pull it about four inches and still have room, and I was able to put the tray table down! I haven't been able to use the tray for about 16 years! I just started crying for joy on the plane. The flight attendants kept watching me...I guess to make sure I was alright. But I was crying and smiling and thanking God all at the same time. :)…




I was initially nervous about the Longevity Diet. Could I stick to the diet, nasal spray versus injections [I chose the spray], how would it make me feel etc? The doctor was able to address my concerns and fears. I felt so supported by her and the team at the Raby Institute, as well as my fellow co-dieters in the weekly support sessions and I know it was a big factor in my success. I started this diet about 45 pounds overweight, with high blood pressure and other issues that were impacting the quality of my life.


 I can say honestly, I was and still am astounded by the success I have had with this program. I lost over 31 lbs and 8 inches from my waist. Best of all I “lost” my high blood pressure. I have been completely off medication [supervised by Dr. Raby] since the fourth week of the diet. I feel so much lighter. I have more energy and I breathe better when I am walking around and climbing stairs. It feels liberating.


Working through this program, has brought me a better connection to ways of supporting a healthier self. In turn, being healthier, frees me to embrace a more well-lived life.




A wise woman told me - when the mango is ripe, it falls from the tree.  I started 2011 92 pounds heavier than I am today (10.5 months later).  I have tried it all - and then some!  Diet pills as a small child, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Hypnosis, Fat Flush, Stomach Stapling surgery ...  At the end of 2010 I knew I had to "do" something.  The Longevity Diet seems drastic and severe, but I swear to Buddah, G-d, Allah, the Universe - whomever you prefer - that it works.  I swear I was never hungry (well ... toward the end of my 4th round I was, but we adjusted my protein intake and I am doing well).

My doctor is supportive, realistic, helpful, positive, encouraging, (sometimes cajoling) – and there for questions and help whenever I needed her.

So ... As a 50 year old woman who has dealt with morbid obesity in one way or another since age 5 ... I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend this program!!! If you follow the protocol, show up for the weekly sessions and want permanent change - Get Started!!!!


The focus of integrative medicine is to restore this natural balance through the blending of conventional and ancient healing techniques.