Homeopathy and Autism: A Look at Treatments Available at the Raby Institute


Children with autism live in a world vastly different from the people around them. They may experience constant stomach and bowel pain, as well as emotional pain and confusion. Yet, they have no means of communicating that pain to the people closest to them.


Unable to express themselves, they can become hyperactive and withdrawn, unable to make eye contact or express love or connection. They live in a world that they don't understand and that doesn't understand them.


It's frustrating for the child and the parent to try to make their way among so few answers around what causes autism and how to treat it. But Raby Institute Integrative Pediatric Physician Robert (Chuck) Dumont, MD, has dedicated much of his practice to treating autism spectrum disorders in children. He Incorporates homeopathy into his treatment program -and with great success.


"These kids have a body burden of toxic heavy metals, and many may have mitochondrial dysfunction," says Dr. Dumont. To combat those metals, Dr. Dumont uses homeopathic remedies that safely help to clear them from the body.


Homeopathic medicines are also used specific to the child's behavior patterns, expressions, and physical complaints. This then enables Dr. Dumont to use the appropriate homeopathic medicines to individualize the patient's treatment.


As a result, many of his patients, Dr. Dumont says, "sleep better, are more vocal, experience easier transitions, and obtain greater emotional stability."


Educating the Medical Community

While these results are new to his patients and their families, Dr. Dumont has seen success in dozens of patients with autism over the years. He regularly speaks about his experience with autism and homeopathic treatments at conferences nationally and internationally.


This November, Dr. Dumont will speak at France's Centre d'Enseignement et de Développement de l'Homépathie's 4th International Meeting. This year's meeting will take place in Prague and focuses on homeopathy and children, with experts covering everything from Crohn's disease and respiratory tract infections to cerebral palsy and autism.


Early is his life, Dr. Dumont taught himself meditation and mind/body techniques. He went on to graduate from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia in 1988. He then joined the faculty at Columbus Children's Hospital and Ohio State University in 1994, after completing a pediatric residency and pediatric gastroenterology fellowship.


Going beyond conventional medicine, Dr. Dumont trained in mind/body medicine at the Harvard Mind/Body Institute. He also received formal training in alternative modalities, including medical hypnosis, functional medicine, medical acupuncture and homeopathy.


Dr. DuMont says he greatly values the interaction he has with his patients and their parents. By taking the time to answer questions, explain practices and really listen, he builds healing relationships based on trust and good will.


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dumont online or call (312) 276-1212. For convenience, patients can make follow-up appointments with Dr. Dumont at the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine or at Easter Seals in Villa Park, Illinois.

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