Inside the Institute 

Welcome to the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern.  Find out how we are changing the way patients experience healthcare-from the way they feel when they enter our beautifully designed offices to the high-touch interactions they have with our staff, physicians and practitioners. 

The inspiration for the design of our space is two-fold.  We wanted to create a healing environment for our patients - a space in which all of their senses, mind and emotions are engaged in the process of healing.  We also wanted to create a nourishing space for our practitioners and staff-a place they enjoy coming to everyday, where they feel energized and engaged.  We believe that it essential to attend to the health and wellness of our staff so they can better serve and attend to you.

Experience healthcare as it should be. Welcome and be well.

Patient reception area

From the moment you enter our offices you will notice a difference.  Our patient welcoming area is designed to help you feel relaxed and comforted so you can begin to immediately receive the health benefits available to you at the Raby Institute.  Comfortable chairs, soothing music, inspirational art and reading materials are available to help make your time in our offices as enjoyable as possible. The reception area also features wifi for patient convenience.


Tea Bar

In many cultures, pouring and drinking a cup of tea is a ritual steeped in meaning.  Sharing a cup of tea is a sign of hospitality, a gesture of welcome and acceptance as a friend.  Many teas also have medicinal benefits to improve health and vitality, to calm and center, or to invigorate and refresh.  Each month we will feature a new tea that patients can sample and purchase to take home. We invite our guests to enjoy a cup of tea with us as they wait for their appointment or browse our Health and Wellness Apothecary. 

ALMA: Retail Center

It is part of our mission to support our patients to achieve maximum health and wellness in all parts of their lives.  At the Raby Institute we believe in more than just healthy bodies - we believe in healthy minds, hearts, spirits, relationships and environments.  We also know that our patients our busy, so we strive to make it convenient and easy for them to make healthy lifestyle choices.  At our health and wellness retail center - called ALMA, which means "soul" - you can purchase a variety of total wellness essentials including vitamins & supplements, books, CDs, aromatherapy, teas, personal care products and household products.  If you don't see something in ALMA that you would like us to carry, please let us know - we are always open to suggestions!

Meditation Room

The positive benefits of meditation as a way to calm and focus the mind, relieve stress and improve mental health and functioning have been celebrated far and wide for thousands of years. Harnessing the mind in support of healing the body is an essential element of total wellness that we encourage at the Raby Institute. Our meditation room, which doubles as a space for classes and workshops, provides patients and staff with a quiet, contemplative space where they can improve their meditation practice.  We will use the room for guided group meditation sessions as well as make it available for individual use before or after appointments.  Visit our Calendar for a list of upcoming meditation sessions, classes and workshops.

Private Treatment Rooms

We know that when you come to visit one our physicians or practitioners you are sharing vulnerably with us and trusting us with your health.  We want to be sensitive to our patients' needs for comfort and reassurance and we strive to create a space that puts our patients at ease.  Each of our 14 treatment rooms is reflective of this approach.  Although equipped with cutting edge technology and essential treatment and diagnostic tools, incandescent lighting, soft design elements and warm colors combine to make each room feel inviting, soothing and restful.  Each room also has a separate sound system that allows patients to select their own music to accommodate individual preferences.

On-site Lab

Our on-site lab combines Western diagnostics with nontraditional testing and functional medicine testing.  Patients will simply be able to walk down the hall after meeting with one of our practitioners and complete any recommended testing including bloodwork, vitamin D screenings, bone density (DEXA) scans, vertebrae fracture (VF) analysis.

Eco-friendly space

We have attended to every detail to consciously create a space that is good for our patients and better for the environment as well.  Working with a LEED certified architect and eco-conscious designers, we have incorporated environmentally friendly and sustainable products wherever possible. From energy efficient lighting to sustainable flooring materials to paperless office systems, it is our intent to make an impact on your health and wellness, not on the environment.

"Inspire me with love for my art and for thy creatures. In the sufferer let me see only the human being."
- Moses Maimonides, The Physician's Oath