What is Integrative Pediatrics?

*Please note: Dr. DuMont is our Integrative Pediatric Physician who sees patients on a consultative basis, meaning that patients aren't establishing primary care with him for yearly check ups. They either have a specific health issue(s) they need addressed, they want an integrative approach to supplement their primary pediatrician, or they're looking for a second opinion. If you have further questions we're happy to address them. Please call our office at (312) 276-1212.*


Integrative pediatrics combines conventional Western pediatric medicine with holistic healing methods that are proven safe and effective for children. Integrative pediatrics provides a healthier, more holistic approach to your child's health, allowing for better control of recurrent or chronic conditions using gentler methods of intervention and, in many cases, effectively minimizing the use of conventional medicine to treat childhood health issues. Similar to Integrative Internal Medicine, Integrative Pediatrics focuses on relationship, whole-person healing, the use of natural or less-invasive interventions, and disease prevention and optimal health.

Relationships: Nurturing a positive relationship between pediatrician, child, and family based on trust and communication is crucial to accurately identifying and treating a health issue. It is also very important to take into account the complex nature of a child's relationship with his or her environment, and the influence that interaction has on a child's total health.

Whole-Person Healing: Like integrative medicine for adults, integrative pediatrics takes into account the mind, body, and spirit of a child in its approach to healing.

Safe and Effective: Treatments that are appropriate for adults may not be for a child. All integrative methods recommended for our pediatric patients are safe for children, and have a proven record of efficacy in addressing pediatric concerns. Whenever possible, integrative pediatricians opt for remedies that are gentle and natural with minimal side-effects.

Optimal Health:
Not just the absence of disease, optimal health depends on a strong foundation of nutrition, exercise, and well being. We support our pediatric patients and their families in the creation of healthy habits in childhood to promote lifelong wellness.

When Should I Use Integrative Pediatrics?

An integrative approach to pediatrics is appropriate for any pediatric patient at any age. Integrative therapies that are proven safe and effective with children can be used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine to treat many childhood conditions, and to help children develop the healthy habits that will support them to grow into healthy adults. Integrative pediatrics is a great way to teach prevention and promote wellness at an early age.

How Can I Find Out More?

The Raby Institute works with licensed and experience pediatricians trained in integrative approaches for children. To find out more about our integrative pediatrician, Chuck DuMont, MD, to schedule an appointment or get a referral, contact us at 312-276-1212 or info@rabyintegrativemedicine.com. Patients can make follow-up appointments with Dr. DuMont at either the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine or at Easter Seals in Villa Park, IL.   

"Dr. Raby is professional, humanistic, compassionate and sincere."
- Raby Institute patient