What is Integrative Therapy?

Using various modalities of psychotherapy, the integrative psychologist and therapists at the Raby Institute help patients acheive self-acceptance and personal growth in all aspects of their lives. Together, they work through challenges patients may be facing on spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical levels. Over time, this creates a full picture of the patient's health and wellness, and ties together how all dimensions contribute to personhood.


Integrative Psychotherapy Providers

Integrative Psychotherapist Allison Yura, LCSW, says that in working with patients, she thinks of herself as a supportive ally, encouraging them through their healing process.



"The majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the patients, but I try to help them feel like they're living their best life," she says. "I believe we all have times in our lives when we feel vulnerable." For people working through those times, Allison hopes to not only offer support, but make that support as accessible as she can.


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When Should I See an Integrative Therapist?

People tend to wait to see a therapist until they experience a personal hardship, such as a breakup, illness, or depression. But why wait?


Everyone needs healing in their minds and bodies throughout their lives--in the good times and bad. The therapy room gives patients a contained space to bring up whatever is on their mind. In that unique environment, the integrative therapist and patient explore what the patient's mind and body are telling the patient.


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Yin and Yang
A seed sprouts from the earth and grows toward the sky - yang. Reaching its full height, it weakens and falls to the earth – yin.