Raby Institute Introduces FirstLine Therapy

(July 2009)


In May 2009, the Raby Institute began offering a program to enhance body composition. This program, called First Line Therapy, is a low glycemic index, carbohydrate and calorie restricted program that is producing rapid results!


After the initial assessment and meal planning, participants are returning in two to four week intervals. Average weight loss ranges from 3 to 5 pounds, but the scale only tells part of the story. By also incorporating a measurement known as 'Bio-Impedance Analysis,' or BIA, the amount of fat-tissue or other mass is determined. It is typical to see weight decreased by only a few pounds, but when we look more closely at the BIA, we often see larger losses in fat mass, and gains in muscle mass and hydration. Participants are noticing reductions in cholesterol levels, fasting morning blood sugars, and improvement in respiratory health.


The twelve-week FirstLine Therapy program is going strong and spaces are filling up quickly. Please contact the Raby Institute for additional information on creating an individualized plan to help you improve your own body composition, and begin or continue your own journey towards better health.

"Dr. Raby's approach to patient care is advanced far beyond that of other physicians. She has a softened, holistic approach to healing. She is caring, takes her time with patients and incorporates the spiritual aspects, which is a very important part of healing."
- Raby Institute patient