Melissa FredericksMelissa

Billing Manager


Melissa joins the Raby Institute with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare. From surgery scheduling to billing to practice management, she has seen all sides of what it takes to run a successful office.


And Melissa knows the value of a successful office. She has acted as advocate for many of her family members through doctors' appointments and surgeries. Those experiences have shown her what it's like to be on the other side of the patient experience. "I love working with patients, and being on the other end gives you a whole different level of respect for the position you hold."


The Raby Institute appeals to Melissa because she likes the concept "of treating the whole body instead of using medications as a band aid." The concept is a good match for someone who grew up in small towns in Illinois, Iowa, and Colorado, where home remedies and homeopathy was "a way of life."


Now, one of Melissa's main goals at the Raby Institute is to keep everyone-practitioners and patients-as educated and updated about available services as possible.


In her free time, Melissa enjoys anything outdoors, especially in the summer in the city. She likes to shop, spend time with her family and-above all-her dog, a silky terrier named Charlie.

"Through the skill and intellect Dr. Raby brings to the healthcare profession it is clear that she continues to do research and study about the relationship between integrative medicine and traditional medicine."
- Raby Institute patient