Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Health

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Millions of women across the United States suffer from vaginal atrophy, which happens as the result of hormonal changes that take place with menopause. Those changes can lead to painful thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls. This makes intercourse painful and can also cause urination issues. But with the FDA's approval this past December, a new, non-hormonal treatment is available to combat vaginal atrophy-and we're happy to now offer it at the Raby Institute.


The MonaLisa Touch uses CO2 laser energy to promote vaginal wall health by stimulating collagen. This is especially beneficial for women who have:

  • gone through menopause-50% of 64 million post-menopausal women have adverse changes to their gynecologic health
  • had a hysterectomy
  • had breast cancer-affecting more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors


The image below shows a clear difference in the vaginal mucosa before (left) and after (right) following treatment with the MonaLisa Touch. Image B was taken two months after a session with the MonaLisa Touch. The increased epithelium and larger diameter of epithelial cells rich in glycogen restore metabolic balance and dynamics of the epithelium.

vaginal mucosa before and after

Italian company DEKA designed and produces this innovative laser. At the Raby Institute, Integrative Gynecologist Katherine A. Thurer, MD, performs the minimally invasive procedure in the office-with no anesthesia necessary. Expect virtually no pain or side effects from the three, five-minute laser sessions. The small laser works by penetrating laser energy into the layers of the vaginal wall and stimulating collagen revival.


Learn more about MonaLisa Touch by watching this video.


Prior to undergoing the MonaLisa Touch procedure, the patient must undergo a routine pelvic exam to determine if she is a candidate.


Questions? Please call the Raby Institute at (312) 276-1212.

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