Moving Up: Raby Institute Prepares for Move to 21st Floor

Chicago skylineExciting news: Our move date is getting closer by the day! At the end of June, the Raby Institute is transferring up 17 floors from the 4th to the 21st. The new space will open to patients July 1.


The Raby team has been anticipating the move since 2012, as the practice grows and building owners talk about transitioning the current floor into retail space.

"It's been a long journey. We spent a lot of time on the details so that this space is exactly as Dr. Raby envisioned it," said Rod Forslund, the interior designer who has been developing the new space's lighting, colors, and fixtures.

"Dr. Raby never wants her space to feel like traditional medical spaces-flat and cold. This new space is the antithesis of that," Forslund said.


The 21st floor is about 33 percent larger and includes 21 exam and treatment rooms, as compared to the current 11.

In early February, construction workers and equipment-carts, boxes, and paint cans-filled what will eventually be a receiving area with tea lounge and seating for nearly 20 people-12 more seats than in the current seating area. An oversized light fixture spiraling into various colors and waves will add art to the space.

"For patients, waiting for an appointment can be nerve-wracking. This gives them something to meditate on - a handmade piece of art - in addition to the sights and smells of the tea bar," Forslund said.


Stay tuned to the Raby Institute's Wellness blog for updates on the move. You can also check our Facebook page for photos.

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