New at the Raby Institute: Group Patient Visits


It's never too late to learn something new!


And that's one reason why the Raby Institute has introduced Group Patient Visits. The sessions focus on mindful weight management, as well as chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. They provide an intimate setting for Raby health and wellness experts to teach people about how these conditions affect the body. Participants also gain the tools to make meaningful changes to their health.


Here's the issue, Naturopath Kathy Chavez explains: "We are such creatures of habit that we don't even care what we're doing sometimes. We just do it because we've always done it. Simple changes in our lifestyle can make dramatic changes in our health."


Yet, visiting your doctor for a standard appointment often provides only a temporary fix. "You feel inspired for a couple of days. Then you go back to your old lifestyle," Dr. Chavez says. "The support piece and accountability of these group visits is where patients will get the most benefit."


That's because studies show that when people are making lifestyle changes, being in a group has a major impact. "When people have a sense of community, they feel more obliged, supported, and competitive with others. It becomes more a part of their awareness-like going to church, a book group, or school. If it's something you're doing on a regular basis, it's more in your mind," Dr. Chavez says.


Dr. Chavez and Nurse Practitioner Sejal Gehani run the sessions on chronic conditions, while Integrative Psychologist Susan Duma runs the visits on mindful weight management. Each session takes place once a week for six weeks. Topics include using exercise as medicine; understanding the role of diet, lifestyle, and behavior choices; and managing stress.


Fall sessions are already underway, but you can still participate. Because the sessions will be billed to insurance, please reserve your spot.


Questions about future group health classes? Want to sign up? Call the Raby Institute at (312) 276-1212.

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