Becoming a New Patient

We are currently accepting patients for the following services: integrative internal medicine, primary care, integrative gynecology, integrative pediatrics, integrative behavioral health, functional medicine, mechanical therapy, massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

The Raby Institute accepts all standard healthcare plans, such as commercial insurance and Medicare. Contact your insurance provider for more information about whether our services are covered in your plan.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a new patient of the Raby Institute, or to schedule an appointment.


Your First Visit

The relationship begins during your first visit with an in-depth interview about your lifestyle, medical history, and current health. Your physician will explore your entire health history, and get to know you and your unique situation well. After the first visit, your Raby Institute physician may consult with other members of the team, and may recommend further medical steps and testing.


A Checklist for Your First Visit

Please complete the following prior to your initial visit:
  • ADULT PATIENTS: Complete your new patient forms
  • PEDIATRIC PATIENTS: Complete your new patient forms
  • Bring relevant past medical records and diagnostic test results (we can discuss with you beforehand)
  • Bring all medications and supplements in their original bottles, (If possible, a typed list is also much appreciated.)
  • Bring questions, concerns, and goals for your visit
  • Bring a support person if you wish--they are always welcome
  • If someone will be scheduling future appointments for you complete the Authorization to Schedule Appointments Form


Difference Between an Annual Exam and an Office Visit


Preventative care (or well services) and promotion of healthy lifestyles are central to the Raby Institute's philosophy of care. Most insurance plans, but not all, cover routine preventative exams at 100 percent when received from in-network providers.


There can be confusion around what is included in an annual exam, how an annual exam is billed, and when to expect an additional charge for an annual exam.


The following information was developed to aid in your understanding of the definitions and billing guidelines for annual exams and office visits. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of an insured individual to know their insurance coverage details. If you have questions, please call your health insurance provider to confirm coverage within your specific plan.


Click here to read our FAQ.


Visits Related to Workman's Compensation and Motorized Vehicle Accidents

Workman's Compensation or Motorized Vehicle Accident related visits will first need to be pre-approved by your insurance.  Complete the following form(s) and submit to the Raby Institute for confirmation of benefits.  Once recieved by the office, our billing department will verify your benefits and call to review coverage.


Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits provide support and monitor your status as you try new therapies and begin to make lifestyle changes. You may be exploring mind-body techniques, new dietary recommendations, or starting a fitness plan. We will work together to develop the plan that both meets your goals and best supports you.

"Dr. Raby is knowledgeable, accessible, caring and extremely competent."
- Raby Institute patient