October Tea of the Month: Organic Green Tea with Fresh Ginger, Raw Honey and Lemon

(November 2010)


Green TeaAutumn is associated with the metal element, which is connected to the lung and large intestine energies in the body. Teas focused on moistening and improving digestion work to enhance these energies and are most appropriate for this time of year. Green tea provides warmth and the perfect cup of defense against cold/flu invasion as it helps to rid the body of unnecessary toxins.


Green tea: Contains caffeine, rich in antioxidant EGCG known to inhibit cancer cell growth & to boost immune function, may lower LDL cholesterol levels


Fresh ginger: Warm in nature (dry ginger is hot in nature), helps with nausea & digestive concerns, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, aids circulation & may minimize symptoms of respiratory conditions like colds or allergies


Raw honey: Moistens, neutralizes toxins, calms the nerves, may be used as a mild laxative and/or sedative, may help in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, allergies or sinusitis


Lemon: Relieves digestion problems, has antibacterial property to help fight common cold/throat concerns, good for weight loss, acts as blood purifier


Steep time: 2-3 minutes only, longer time may produce bitterness and less balanced flavor


Interested in this blend? Stop by ALMA or email Chelsey at cjacobs@rabyinstitute.com for more details.

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