Our Principles

The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine is founded on the principles of Empowerment, Transparency, Vitality, Accountability, and Mutuality.


Empowerment: We believe patients must take an active role in their own health. We educate our patients, encouraging questions and dialogue to awaken a creativity and curiosity about health.  


Transparency: Good communication is essential to quality care. We explain clearly and discuss fully all options available to you, and will communicate referring physicians or other specialists involved in your care.


Vitality: We encourage aliveness in relationship, curiosity and consciousness in the pursuit of health, the cultivation of positive energy, and the awareness of being fully in the present moment.


Accountability:  We practice good medicine that is based in good science. The services and procedures we offer represent the best healing practices available: they are safe, time-tested, and based on sound medical observation and research. We also believe that good results with any medical treatment depend on the full participation of patients willing to take control of their wellness.


Mutuality:  Good health is a team effort. We see ourselves as your partner and guide in creating a healthy lifestyle that is right for you. We listen to you and work with you using our knowledge and skills to determine treatment plans that integrate into your daily life. We seek to develop relationships with our patients based on mutual learning, respect, trust, and a common sense of purpose.


Our Commitments

  • We are committed to delivering to our patients the highest quality of integrative care that engages the whole person; nourishes the mind, body, and spirit; and encourages the conscious creation of personal health and wellness.
  • We are committed to being role models for the positive benefits of integrative medicine by practicing what we preach.
  • We are committed to engaging fully in our own lives, abiding by the Raby Institute principles, and continuing to learn and grow personally, professionally, and as a team.
  • We are committed to being a trusted source of knowledge for patient and physician communities.
  • We are committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of the field of integrative medicine through sound research and compelling communication.
  • We are committed to making integrative medical options available to a broader spectrum of people.
"Dr. Raby is professional, humanistic, compassionate and sincere."
- Raby Institute patient