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To Request Medical Records from the Raby Institute - complete the Record Release Authorization form


To Send Medical Records to the Raby Institute - complete the Medical Release form


Authorization to discuss medical or billing information and/or schedule appointments - this form is only available at the Raby Institute and needs to be completed in the office.  The completed form cannot be faxed or emailed.


Workman's Compensation Verification Form

Motorized Vehicle Accident Verification Form


Difference Between an Annual Exam and an Office Visit


Preventative care (or well services) and promotion of healthy lifestyles are central to the Raby Institute's philosophy of care. Most insurance plans, but not all, cover routine preventative exams at 100 percent when received from in-network providers.


There can be confusion around what is included in an annual exam, how an annual exam is billed, and when to expect an additional charge for an annual exam.


The following information was developed to aid in your understanding of the definitions and billing guidelines for annual exams and office visits. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of an insured individual to know their insurance coverage details. If you have questions, please call your health insurance provider to confirm coverage within your specific plan.


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"Through the skill and intellect Dr. Raby brings to the healthcare profession it is clear that she continues to do research and study about the relationship between integrative medicine and traditional medicine."
- Raby Institute patient