Building Relationships,  Encouraging Understanding


Developing and strengthening relationships with healthcare professionals in Chicago and around the country is critical to the Raby Institute's commitment to deepening the level of communication and cooperation between integrative and allopathic practitioners.  It is part of our mission to expand the Western medicine practitioner's understanding of integrative medicine - what it is, how it can by incorporated into allopathic treatments, and what the integrative community is doing to substantiate its efficacy.


By providing our colleagues with the information and opportunity to learn more about integrative medicine and its benefits, we hope to further the advancement of integrative medicine as a mainstream medical practice.  Ultimately, we hope that in the future there will be no distinction between Western medicine and integrative medicine; rather we will learn to distinguish only between what will heal and what will harm.



Partnering with the Raby Institute


There are many ways for physicians, practitioners and healthcare providers to partner with the Raby Institute.



We are eager to develop referral relationships with our colleagues in a variety of subspecialties and we are always available for one on one conversations with you to help you understand how you can use our integrative services to support your patients and your practice


Continuing Education

In the future we will be offering rotations and Grand Rounds through our facility to train physicians, nurses and other healthcare professional in the art and science of integrative medicine. 



"Dr. Raby is knowledgeable, accessible, caring and extremely competent."
- Raby Institute patient