Raby Patient Experience


The Raby Institute received this email last month from a patient. She provided feedback on her unique experience with Angel Rivera, MD, including her concerns leading up to the appointment. Read on to learn how, in the patient's own words, she collaborated with Dr. Rivera to develop a treatment plan that worked for her.


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Dear Raby Institute:


I am a fairly new patient to the Raby Institute and would like to share my experience with Dr. Rivera, who has not only met but far exceeded my expectations.


I was at first hesitant to see a male doctor because as a female I wasn't sure that I would feel comfortable with him. However, he was the only doctor that had availability and I needed to see someone asap. Upon our first appointment, he made me feel comfortable immediately. I was incredibly anxious when I first saw him and he recommended lots of tests, diet changes and other things that would help "get to the root of the problem" as he said. He said that he would see me in 4 - 6 weeks but to call if I needed anything (which I did). Dr. Rivera was very honest, patient, and thorough but also so compassionate and caring and can reach his patients on a very personal level which is a component that makes him effective as a doctor because as patients we trust his expertise, but also that he has our best interest in mind, and has a way of explaining why it is in our best interest and most importantly makes us feel understood. In my experience he sees each patient as individual and unique and looks at the whole picture to solve the problem.

I recently went in for an appointment that was supposed to take 20 minutes but because I was uncomfortable and upset with one of the recommendations, a 20 minute appointment turned into an hour long appointment until finally we came up with a plan that I felt comfortable with. I didn't even know that doctors like this existed but I am so glad that I was recommended to the Raby Insitute and was given Dr. Rivera as my doctor.

"With Dr. Raby, it’s not just about my body or my physical health – she understands emotions and that people are whole, individual people. She really gets the body/mind/spirit connection."
- Raby Institute patient