spiral staircase, shot from above looking downHave you had your DNA ancestry traced through 23andMe.com? If so, you might be wondering more about the health side of that data. And there’s good news: The Raby Institute is now leveraging that detailed genetic information, which is only available to trained medical providers.

Naturopath Kathy Chavez is one of the providers utilizing this new service at the Raby Institute. She has undergone training to analyze patients’ raw genetic data from 23andMe, using a software program called Opus23.

Once the patient gives approval, Dr. Chavez uploads the data from 23andMe, and runs it through a program that looks at thousands of genetic health indicators, including ones for oncology, mental health, and heart disease risk factors. Each genetic indicator is paired with peer-reviewed research studies that relate to that specific genetic modification, and the program includes a plethora of research that pertains to patients’ genetics.

The program also enables Dr. Chavez to search the data by:

  • Disease type

  • Tissue type

  • Gene type

She then develops a report for the patient, and spends an hour consulting the patient on what the genes show. Often, the conditions implicated can be influenced by diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications, all reflected in the studies linked with specific genetic modifications. Dr. Chavez will work with the patient to form a plan based on that information.

This is a new service at the Raby Institute, so please call (312) 276-1212 to find out if it’s right for you.
"Dr. Raby's approach to patient care is advanced far beyond that of other physicians. She has a softened, holistic approach to healing. She is caring, takes her time with patients and incorporates the spiritual aspects, which is a very important part of healing."
- Raby Institute patient