Secrets to Living Longer, Healthier Life

(March 2009)


People have been searching for the secrets to eternal life for centuries. At the Raby Institute, we can't promise eternal life, but we can clue you in on the following principles that may help you live a longer, healthier life.


Principles of Longevity:


1. 80% Rule: Stop eating when you are 80% full

2. Plant-Power: Eat more veggies, less protein and processed foods

3. Red Wine:
Consume 3 - 4oz glasses of RED wine 3 times/week

4. Plan de Vida: Discover your purpose in life, and live it

5. Beliefs: Cultivate spiritual or religious beliefs

6. Down Shift: Work less, slow down, rest, take vacation

7. MOVE: Find ways to move mindlessly, make moving an unavoidable part of your life

8. Belong: Create a healthy social network

9. Your tribe: Make family a priority

"Dr. Raby is warm, competent, very human and very passionate. She stands behind her word and is accountable and reliable."
- Raby Institute patient