Raquel Belisle

Patient Care Coordinator

Patient Care Coordinator Raquel Belisle lives by the philosophy that each of us is here to be of service to someone else. "It doesn't have to be anything big," she explains. "The smallest act of kindness can make a big difference to someone else."





Amalia Blancarte

Billing Associate

Amalia Blancarte joins the Raby Institute after six years at the Chicago Family Health Center. There, she worked in various front office and administrative positions. At the Raby Institute, Amalia schedules appointments, checks patients in, and processes patients before they leave. "Integrative medicine is still new to me," she says. "But I definitely think it benefits patients' well being more than just being prescribed drugs. I really like that about working here."

Tracey BurnsTracey
Office Supervisor, Integrative Aesthetics Supervisor

Patient Care Coordinator Tracey Burns had been a patient at the Raby Institute for years before joining the staff in 2016. After retiring from her role in Marketing and Promotions with a cosmetics company in 2014, Tracey found that she missed going into an office and being a part of a team. So when she saw on Facebook that the Raby Institute was hiring, she applied. 




Brenda ChildressBrenda

Medical Assistant 

A medical assistant since 2009, Brenda recently joined the Raby Institute from an internal and family medicine private practice. She says she felt from the moment she walked in the door that there was something special about the Raby Institute.





Alex Cruz


Medical Assistant Supervisor, Laser Treatment Assistant

Alex grew up in Chicago's Old Irving Park area. His mother stayed home to take care of him and his two older brothers. She didn't believe in going to the doctor for every little ailment and would instead treat Alex and his brothers with home remedies, serving as their 24-hour doctor. Alex believes that her positive energy and confidence in home remedies helped cure him most of the time.





Maria Duran, Medical AssistantMaria

Medical Assistant


Maria Duran comes to the Raby Institute with more than a decade of experience as a medical assistant, first focused on ear-nose-throat and then gynecology. The Raby Institute gives her the opportunity to incorporate the type of medicine she practices at home, looking at lifestyle changes and alternative treatments before jumping to medication.




Melissa FredericksMelissa

Billing Manager


Melissa joins the Raby Institute with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare. From surgery scheduling to billing to practice management, she has seen all sides of what it takes to run a successful office. More about Melissa.




Samantha GarciaSamantha

Patient Care Coordinator

Of all the things that Samantha Garcia does in a day at the Raby Institute, she enjoys working directly with patients the most. "I like feeling like I'm helping someone when they really need it," she says.

Before joining the Raby Institute, Samantha worked at a women's health practice in the suburbs of Chicago. She learned the value of patience early on, and says, "Being impatient creates a lot of conflict. Patience goes a long way." More about Samantha.





Patient Care Coordinator

Patient Care Coordinator Karen believes that patient services can never be too great. Having worked primarily in customer service for luxury companies, she knows how to listen and respond to people’s needs.
A desire for change brought her to the Raby Institute, which she says is exactly the environment she was seeking after years sourcing gems and working directly with customers in the jewelry industry. In her current role, Karen goes above and beyond to help patients feel calm and cared for when they walk through the doors of the Raby Institute. More about Karen



Mary Jo (MJ)

Patient Care Coordinator

Mary Jo (MJ) Mauger learned early in her career that if she found something she valued, she would have to work at it; truly meaningful success was never going to be an easy process.

That held true when she started out as a respiratory therapist at a small, community hospital in Indiana, as well as later when she transitioned to the management side of patient care. Before joining the Raby Institute, MJ worked as an award-winning supervisor at the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation for 12 years.




Senior Patient Coordinator

When you call with a question, to make an appointment or just to say hello, Ana is the compassionate voice on the line. As Patient Coordinator for the Raby Institute, Ana's dedication to insuring that each patient's visit is a healing experience is apparent in everything she does, from greeting patients as they walk through the door to explaining office procedures and protocols. More about Ana.







John RuhlJohn

Practice Administrator

John has worked in business development and marketing for more than 15 years, and has come to truly appreciate the benefits of an integrated approach to medicine, providing patients with personalized care focused on their unique health and wellness needs. John also believes this approach is a better use of society's resources, keeping people more engaged in their personal well being. More about John.




Jessi ShapiroJessi

Senior Apothecary Coordinator, Nutraceutical Research and Education Specialist

Jessi was born in a rural Pennsylvania town, and lived on a 300 acre working farm and apple orchard. She grew up learning about herbal and functional medicine from her father and mother, who are practicing artists and have a large organic garden and herbal greenhouse. More about Jessi.








"I trust Dr. Raby with my health. I go to the Raby Institute because I know that I will be listened to and treated like a human being. But most importantly, I trust that I will get help and support I need to improve my health and feel better."
- Raby Institute patient