Tea of the Month: Organic Green Tea with Fresh Ginger Raw Honey and Lemon

(September  2011)


As the season turns and brings about a refreshing renewal of calm energy, we are reminded of the importance to nourish – body, mind and spirit. September is a time to embrace life changes and prepare our bodies for the cooler months ahead.


Green tea is warming in nature and provides the perfect cup of antioxidants, warmth and overall wellness as we settle into this season. While other teas have great medicinal value, white teas tend to be more appropriate for summer due to its cooling nature. Oolong and black teas are hotter in nature than green tea and fare best during the coldest months of the year.


In China, tea is known and has been used as a healing tonic for more than 4,000 years. Late summer, the time of now, is associated with the earth element, which is connected to digestive functions or Spleen/Stomach energies in the body. Teas focusing on building digestion are most appropriate for this time of year. Fresh ginger and raw honey are fitting add-ins as they directly nourish our center. Lemon is also suitable due to its ability to stimulate and aid in digestion.

Take time to enjoy quiet moments with tea. It warms the heart, reminds us to stay rooted in our health and allows us a well-needed balance to our busy lifestyles.


Tea Facts


• Green tea: contains caffeine, warm in nature, teas leaves are steamed in preparation so as not to destroy antioxidant levels, rich in EGCG (powerful anti-oxidant), known to inhibit cancer cell growth and to boost immune function, may lower LDL cholesterol levels, may inhibit abnormal formation of blood clots to help prevent heart attacks and stroke and may fight against infection


• Fresh ginger: warm in nature (dry ginger is hot in nature), helps with nausea and digestive concerns, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, aids circulation and may minimize the symptoms of respiratory conditions like colds and allergies


• Raw honey: harmonizes the liver, neutralizes toxins, relieves pain, wipes out toxins that cause diarrhea, calms the nerves, may be used as a mild laxative and/or sedative, may help in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, allergies or sinusitis


• Lemon: rich source of Vitamin C, relieves digestion problems, alkalinizes the body, has antibacterial property to help fight common cold/throat concerns, good for weight loss, acts as blood purifier


• Steep time: 2-3 minutes only, longer time may produce bitterness and less balanced flavor


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"Without health, life is not life, life is lifeless."
- Ariphon the Sicyonian