Transformational Leadership Celebration & Award Gala

An Evening of Inspiration and Food for Thought


(May 2009)


On April 17th, I had the privilege to attendthe first annual Transformational Leadership Celebration and Award Gala, hosted by Drs. Bob and Judith Wright of the Wright Foundation for Transformational Leadership. The celebration brought together top executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and social change agents from around the country.


Newsom_Anderson_Raby_o41709 GalaBrad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy, was honored as the 2009 Transformational Leadership Award recipient. In his acceptance speech, he described the challenging road that good leaders have to face. Transformational leaders who would propel a company, organization, or individuals to the next best iteration of themselves must be prepared to go against the grain. They must be willing to be thought of as a little crazy, a little misguided, or risk being labeled just plain wrong in order to guide people in a truly new direction. Mr. Anderson also spoke of how good leaders are trained to hear the unique voices in their ranks, and to encourage that voice to speak out. It is often that one voice that is misunderstood or ignored because it doesn't fit neatly into the chorus that can inspire new thought and provoke great change.


Those of us who attended the celebration were connected by our commitment to nurture those unique voices, and by our desire to create positive change in our particular fields of excellence. Whether healthcare or corporate governance, we are all seeking to transform our corner of the world. It was a truly inspiring evening of good conversation, genuine contact, and unified forward motion on a path of higher purpose.


Contributed by Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABHM

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