Your Weight is Over! The HCG Longevity Diet is Coming in January!
Written by Nikol Margiotta, DN, FAAFM, ABA AHP

(December 2010)

AppleThe Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern is excited to announce the addition of the HCG Longevity Diet to our arsenal of weight loss programs beginning in January.  This science-based weight-loss program strictly follows the protocol as originally developed by A.T.W. Simeon, MD in the 1960's.  The doctor-supervised program features a well-balanced, very-low calorie diet (500 calories per day) and the use of HCG to stimulate the burning of abnormal fat stores with virtually no hunger pangs. It is extremely effective for both men and women.

Personal Experience:
One of the hot topics at the recent Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Symposium I attended in October was the HCG Longevity Diet. As with many wildly popular weight-loss programs, there are always devotees and detractors. I'll admit, I started as a detractor, but after 4 years of watching this program dramatically change the overall health of my patients, it was hard not to become a devotee.

Like many of my patients, I've waged the "Battle of the Bulge" several times during my adult life when periods of excess stress seemed to pile on the pounds despite intense exercise and eating "correctly." So when I hear my patients struggling with weight issues I can empathize. The longer I work with weight loss, the more I realize how incredibly complicated the physiology is that will allow the body to move into fat burning mode.

According to Dr. Simeon there are three different types of fat:

  • Structural fat: surrounds the organs and joints and provides cushion and support to the skin
  • Normal fat reserves: fat used for quick fuel such as when missing a meal
  • Abnormal fat or secure fat stores: while also a "reserve fat," this fat is located in "problem areas." For women it's often the thighs, hips and butt. For men, it's the belly and chest; however, this "secure fat" is only released in the most severe nutritional emergencies like near starvation. This fat is always the last to go, if at all, mostly because we are always stoking the fat storing machine by eating more calories than we need.

The HCG Longevity Diet kick-starts fat burning to help the body get rid of excess calories stored as fat.

The How's and Why's of the Longevity Diet:
The first two questions people usually have are "what is HCG" and "how can I survive on 500 calories?" HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a glycoprotein that's produced in massive quantities when a woman is pregnant. While high levels of HCG increase fat storage, low levels of HCG actually stimulate fat burning, but the body must first think it's starving in order to start the fat release - hence the 500 calorie diet. Even though you are only consuming 500 calories, the HCG forces your body to release anywhere from 1500 to 4500 calories of abnormal or secure fat to maintain all normal bodily functions. Overall, most people on the diet feel good, report sustained energy levels and state they have little hunger, despite eating so few calories.

In many traditional diets, muscle mass and fat are lost which, in turn, decreases the metabolic rate. So that when higher calories are consumed, you quickly regain the lost weight. The HCG Longevity Diet is different because it preferentially burns the abnormal fat stores - sparing lean muscle tissue and maintaining metabolic rate. This allows dieters to keep the pounds off even after they have gone back to a higher calorie balanced diet.

From Detractor to Devotee
After years of watching this program improve the health and longevity of my patients I finally tried it for myself. By the end of my 6 week diet, I was down 22 pounds and 3 dress sizes. This program was not a cake-walk but it was worth every minute! Not only did I lose the fat, but every important longevity health marker was perfect! Glucose, insulin, hsCRP, cholesterol and triglycerides levels were all in optimal range. Just as important was how my relationship with food had changed. Cravings for starchy carbohydrates and sugar were gone. I no longer ate when I wasn't hungry, bored, tired, sad or happy. I felt full on less food and still had amazing energy.

The HCG Longevity diet program at the Raby Institute includes HCG injections and weekly visits with me to monitor program success and avoid pitfalls. Existing practice patients can simply schedule with me to discuss the program in further detail, however, patients new to our practice must schedule with Dr. Raby first for a physical exam and screening labs. Patients who suffer from uterine fibroids, gallstones or have had a recent cardiovascular event should not participate in the program.

We are convinced that of all known methods for treating overweight and obesity, the HCG Longevity diet is the most efficient and safest method to reduce pounds and inches in an intelligent, medically sound way in 6 weeks. Of course, your degree of success depends on following the program and medical advice exactly. Yes, it works, but don't take it from me - below are two important success stories from our staff:

From Dr. Raby:
"I was aware of the HCG Longevity diet from the media and have several colleagues who are offering the diet in their practices. My first impression was that it was a bit extreme. When I asked Dr. Margiotta about offering the program to our patients, she provided me with the scientific research, but also said I "had to do the diet." During my program, I was filled with amazing energy, lost 20 pounds, dropped two dress sizes and my allergies to our cat, Papoose, were literally non-existent. The transition program was a breeze and I actually lost 3 more pounds during that 30 days. The most impressive part of the diet was losing fat in areas most desirable for women-hips, thighs, arms, back and buttocks!!"

From Sharlene Avila, Medical Assistant:
"I gained weight with both of my babies and I have been struggling ever since to lose it. It took me over 5 months of dieting, exercise and even prescription diet pills to lose 20 pounds. And I was hungry all the time. On the HCG diet, I've lost 25 pounds and close to 20 inches in my bust, hips and thighs in 6 weeks! And I have so much energy that every day I climb 42 flights of stairs with a co-worker. I'm so thrilled with my weight loss that I'm extending my program - the HCG diet works!!"

Schedule now for January start! As spots are filling quickly, schedule with Nikol Margiotta, DN, FAAFM, ABA AHP today to put your fat burning into high gear for the New Year! Call (312) 276-1212 or email

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