What's New At Raby Institute


The Raby Institute is all about integrative medicine, and we're constantly looking for new ways to get to the root of our patients' health challenges. Here's a breakdown of the latest tools we're using to strengthen our approach and bring you the latest in functional, integrative medicine:


Group classes: We're now offering group sessions in chronic disease management, mindful weight management, and detoxification. Too often, visiting a doctor for an appointment leads to only a temporary fix. Group support, however, provides accountability, inspiration, and regular check ins to help keep you on track. Hear directly from a patient who has utilized our Metabolic Makeover class, learn more about our #RIIMSpringDetox program, and find out why Integrative Psychologist Susan Duma, PsyD, practices mindful weight management.

New testing capabilities: Testing and screenings can provide a more in-depth view of the body, helping our providers see a better picture of each patient and get to the root cause of patients' symptoms. New, more in-depth forms of testing at the Raby Institute include:


· Neurotransmitter and neuro-adrenal

· Micronutrient

· Methylation mutation

· Vascular inflammation

· Metabolism

· Hormones

· Allergy, food intolerance, and chemical sensitivities

· Diabetes and other chronic conditions

· Cholesterol and comprehensive vascular

· Genotyping


Targeted IV Therapies: After undergoing appropriate screening tests, our providers can better fit an IV therapy to each individual patient. These include glutathione-an anti-oxidant and detox support-and Meyer's cocktail-which resolves vitamin deficiencies and increases energy.


Please note: Not all of our new services are covered by insurance. Speak with your provider to learn more.


"Dr. Raby is extremely intelligent and experienced in integrative medicine. She is an exceptional, highly respected physician with access to critical resources."

- Raby Institute patient