It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

3-week Spring Detoxification Cleanse with Dr. Katherine Lik.

Spring is here! The return of light and warmth allows us to notice the cobwebs and clutter that have been accumulating in our homes over the long winter. Did you know that the equivalent build up of toxins also occurs in our bodies? Regardless of how well we eat, we all carry a heavy load of toxins. Toxins in our environment from processed foods, polluted air and water, industrial byproducts, chemicals in toiletries, our furniture, our cleaning products, even toxic relationships all put a daily strain on our bodies ability to detoxify. Over time, this strain on our livers can lead to fatigue, general malaise, and the development of chronic disease.


The spring is inherently a time of new awakening and provides many gifts to encourage detoxification. Sunshine raises vitamin D levels speeding our metabolism and encouraging us to get outside and move. Young, green spring plants are plentiful and support liver detoxification. Spring is the ideal season to work in conjunction with nature to support detoxification and to kick start your health.  


Join us for a personalized 3-week Spring Cleanse to detoxify your body. During the cleanse, we will work to remove dietary burdens on your liver, increase liver detoxification, and support bowel excretion of toxins. After the cleanse, you can expect an increase in energy, weight loss, reduced susceptibility to allergens, improved digestion, reduction in chronic symptoms, an opportunity to identify foods sensitivities and to release attachments to toxic foods, emotions, and stressors.


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"Dr. Raby is very knowledgeable about all different kinds of treatments and is open to new ideas and natural remedies.  She is compassionate, understanding, honest and real."
- Raby Institute patient