ShopRaby for the Holidays


The Raby Institute's apothecary, ALMA, is now available online. That means wherever you are and whenever you want, most of the products available at the Raby Institute, 500 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago, can now come to you.


We created to give our patients and the health conscious community 24/7 access to the supplements and healthy living items found in ALMA. "We're hoping that the new website will become a convenience for patients," says Erin Connors, retail coordinator in Alma.


And to celebrate the holidays, we're offering free shipping on all orders over $150, placed before 12/31/14! Visit to place your order today.




Perfect for the Holidays


So stop rushing around. Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and check people off your shopping list from the homepage of Our thoughtful and thought-provoking gifts can help you make sure your loved ones are taken care of this season.


Does someone you know suffer from stress or anxiety? Aromatherapy candles ($12) or essential oils (prices vary) make great gifts. For the ladies in your life concerned with fashion and where their belongings come from, ALMA features beautiful, ethically sourced jewelry ($16 to $60).


And don't forget about the tea lovers in your life. There's everything from tea and stevia to Manuka honey ($10 to $38).


Hand-picked Products


Raby Institute providers hand-pick the nutraceutical supplements, herbs, and essentials available in Alma. This ensures that patients are getting the most effective, safest, hypoallergenic, medical-grade products from GMP-certified, FDA-approved laboratories.


Not only that, but Dr. Raby has toured some of the facilities herself, guaranteeing that manufacturers are up to standard and using environmentally sound production techniques. In short: The Raby Institute worries so that you don't have to.


To learn more about the new online apothecary, visit or call the office at 312.276.1212.



"Dr. Raby is knowledgeable, accessible, caring and extremely competent."
- Raby Institute patient