ALLERGY TREATMENT with Dr. Katherine Lik

Spring is in the air! Unfortunately so are pollen, molds, grasses, spores, and dander. For 20-30% of the population, this makes spring the most potent allergy season. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lik, ND to prevent or reduce seasonal allergies through an integrative personal approach to allergy management using herbal medicines, vitamins, amino acids, homeopathic medications, diet, and hydrotherapy.


Seasonal allergens: pollen, dust mites, feathers, animal dander, mold grass, and fungal spores are the immediate cause of allergies. Your body interprets allergens as an attack on your body. After you have an initial allergic response, your body makes antibodies to the substances you are allergic to. As soon as that allergen enters your respiratory tract, it will attach to these antibodies. This immediately causes the explosion of mast cells. This explosion is responsible for half of the symptoms of allergies. Histamine is the main inflammatory substance released by mast cells. Histamine causes swelling, congestion and signals white blood cells to swarm into your nasal passages to help destroy the allergen invaders. Unfortunately, since pollen and other allergens are not actually invaders, our response to the allergens becomes the problem, not the allergen. There are many herbal medicines and nutrients that can help stabilize the mast cells and reduce or prevent this inflammatory cascade that leads to the symptoms of allergies. 


While seasonal allergies are clearly linked to environmental allergens that are impossible to control, certain foods may trigger or worsen seasonal allergies. Certain foods can be irritants and will cause your body to make antibodies. Some environmental allergens look like those foods to your antibodies. So a pre-existing sensitivity to foods you are voluntarily eating may worsen your response to environmental allergens. When these foods are identified and removed from the diet, they can greatly improve allergies.


Addressing the cause of allergies is obviously very important, but sometimes short term symptom relief is just as important. Nutritional, herbal, homeopathic remedies and hydrotherapy can be very effective at reducing symptoms and providing immediate relief.


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