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Integrative Medicine Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

Theri Griego Raby

Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABHM

Founder & Medical Director, Integrative Internal Medicine & Primary Care

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Victoria Buchanan

Victoria Buchanan, MD

Integrative Internal Medicine & Primary Care

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Katherine A. Thurer

Katherine A. Thurer, MD, FACOG

Integrative Gynecology, Women's Health, Medical Acupuncture

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Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson, MD, FACOG

Integrative Gynecologist, Women's Health

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Integrative Medicine Practitioners

Katherine Chavez (Lik)

Katherine Chavez (Lik), ND

Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Oncology, Homeopathy

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Tony Zayner

Tony Zayner, DN, LAc., MSOM, MSED, BN, CH

Hypnotist, Licensed Naprapath, and Licensed Acupuncturist

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Tracee Blackburn

Tracee Blackburn, PA-C

Licensed Physician Associate specializing in Integrative Dermatology and Aesthetics

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